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Jan Robinson is an Internationally renowned Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist and Healer also trained in Animal Behavior, Canine Massage, Canine Fitness, Conditioning and Cold Laser Therapy.

Jan studied at the famous Raworth Center for Natural Health Therapies in the UK for human massage and Scherer Institute for Natural Therapies in Santa Fe, NM.  For three years in a row, Jan was awarded the Best of Albuquerque Award for Massage Therapy. 


Jan trained at The Brandenburg School of Canine & Equine Massage Therapy.

Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, University of Tennesee, Veterinary College.  

Certificate of Completion VOM Technology, Myofascial Release and Cold Laser Therapy, Dr. William L Inman BS,Bs,DVM,CVCP, founder of IAVCP.

Jan is available to attend  your events and offer Canine Massage, Myofascial Release Cold Laser Therapy on you sport dogs and design a Conditioning Program for your dog!

Jan is a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer and Canine Massage Therapist.

Jan has indepth knowledge of the canine structure and gait. She understands how to improve the condition of your performance dog through massage bodywork and fitness training.

Jan is an Animal Behavoist and trained with John Rogerson of the Northern Center for Canine Behavior in the UK along with Internationally known Dog Trainer Johanna Hill.

She is a Dog Trainer and trained with John Rogertson, Northern Center for Canine Behavior, UK and ABT in CA and taught obedience classes at Petco Store in Santa Fe NM with ABT.

As well as Dog Trainer, Jan is a handler in the Conformation Breed Ring and has won many group placements with her Gold Grand Champion German Pinscher, Tai.

Certified TTouch Practitioner Jan has practiced TTouch Training since 1994 and includes TTouch training in her Conditioning and Training Classes.


Tai,  Westminster
Breed Winner 2014

Tai Breed Winner 

Blitz Dock Diving 2016

 Accomplishments as a trainer and competitor in US, UK and Ireland.

Conformation Ring
Breed and Group winner with Tai, Gold Grand Champion German Pinscher
Nations #1 Breed and All Breed winner in 2013/14. Jan owned, handled and trained Tai.

Working Trials and Obedience Ring
Zac a rescue German Shepherd Dog mix owned and trained by Jan in Ireland where he attained UK and Irish Kennel Club Working Trials Champion at aged two, ChCdex,ChUDex, ChWDex,ChTDex. Jan also won Working Trials handler of the year, Uk & Ireland, 1998. Zac was awarded many obedience titles. 

Training Classes and Workshops 
Jan ran obedience, working trials and tracking dog training workshops in Ireland and weekly pet training classes in United States at Petco Store, Santa Fe NM. Zeke her Australian Kelpie was Jan's demo dog for training classes.
She has handled and trained many performance dogs.
Jan also runs Canine Fitness, Conditioning and Stretching workshops for sport dog competitors.

TTOUCH Training for the Show Ring- Demo

 Breed win with Tai

With kind permission of a German Pinscher Club Member